Shitty Jobs

June 30, 2001

Last night I was watching Whipple’s World for some reason, and he was asking celebrities what their worst summer jobs were. I think most of them were working at the donut shop or things of that nature. I wasn’t really paying attention because I was making macaroni and cheese.

Anyway, now that I’m searching for full time employment, I’ve forgotten about the summer job scene. Ah, the shitty summer job. My summer jobs have included:

  • caddying at the Joliet Country Club
  • delivering papers for the Des Moines Register
  • detasseling near Cedar Falls, Iowa
  • working at the Des Moines Wastewater Treatment plant
  • framing shitty pictures at Michael’s Arts and Crafts in Des Moines

I’m not sure which job was the worst, but I sure didn’t last too long with the framing. The Wastewater Treatment plant was quite interesting visually, with all the underground passageways and the pipes everywhere and the big-assed engines. And gallons upon gallons of straight SHIT.


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