My 9-11 Story

September 15, 2001

Here’s an itemized account of my 9-11-01 day, as you already know about all the other disgusting events that happened:

Head to work on the F train. F train is slightly delayed because of “a fire in the World Trade Center.”
Get to work at 53rd St. Work for 10 minutes as coworkers and I get news about what’s going on.
Everybody leaves work. I walk through Central Park with a coworker to her apartment uptown until I figure out how to get home because all transportation is screwed up.
Start walking to the 59th St bridge (one of the only open bridges) from West 86th St.
Get on an N train at Queensboro Plaza once the trains start running and go back through Manhattan to 34th St. where the F train eventually and eventually takes me home.
Get home, try to make some phone calls, go to Key Food, watch the news, etc.

Not too much compared to the days of many other people, that’s for sure. All I saw was smoke when I looked toward where the World Trade Center used to be. It sucks that those buildings are now completely gone. It really sucks that so many people died. My mom wants me to move out of New York. And I’m worried about all this “retaliation” talk.


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