Scary Head

November 17, 2002

This head just scared the Jesus H. God out of me:

I think it’s from, and it was on the Daydreams Comics links page.

I’ve really been thinking about approaching some of these local Iowa City comic/art/tattoo/music shops to do some free web design work for my portfolio. But I haven’t worked up the nerve for it. I wonder if it’s insulting to offer a website redesign. I guess if you’re talking to the person who designed the ugly site (and that person loves it), a redesign offer could be taken the wrong way.

Also, I’m still trying to convince myself to get a cat and also to start looking for “real” employment again. But I must say it’s nice being employed at the grocery store right now. The regular income is keeping my student loans crazy paid and I saved up enough money to get an additional hard drive.

Delicious delicious money.