Year: 2002

Monopoly Game and Debt

October 13, 2002

I just played some Simpsons Monopoly with my sisters. That game can get a little depressing while you struggle with debt and rent. It hits a little close to home sometimes, or I just take it too seriously. At least I have time to play board games on my days off, instead of working two or three jobs.

I wonder what expenses people have that require them to work so many hours a week? I’m not getting anywhere with 40 hours/week, but it’s keeping me afloat. Maybe because I’ve only got student loans, rent/utilities, and food to pay for. No car or house or family or serious debt. I think I may have answered my own question.

Domain Names

October 12, 2002

I just remembered that if I put links on here and then click them, there’s the possibility of the webmaster of Hy-Vee, for example, to get at this site through the referer logs. Yeah, right.

I just learned that according to, ‘referer’ is “a misspelling of ‘referrer’ which somehow made it into the HTTP standard.”

Mmm-hmm, I forgot who’s been doing this already, but there are many good domain names that are not yet reserved:

  • and so forth

Maybe because those domain names are so nice people think they’re weak. Or maybe everyone’s sick of domain names by now. At least Stupid Fresh and Crazy Fresh are upon in it.