Year: 2007

Today’s Favorite YouTube Videos

September 22, 2007

After working late for two nights, I forced myself to do absolutely nothing today. Hooray for me!

When I say “absolutely nothing” it usually means watching music videos on the youtube.

So, for lack of any recent interesting art pieces on my part, I will wimp out and post some of my favorite youtube videos. This post could become completely worthless, but here we go anyway:

HORSE the band – New York City

Naglfar – The Perpetual Horrors

Cradle Of Filth – Nymphetamine

Cryptopsy – The Pestilence That Walketh In Darkness

I have no idea how long these video links will last, as it seems content frequently gets deleted or moved on the youtubez.

Single Man Paintings

August 26, 2007

These are more Panel Project paintings for Kevin Kooyman. Acrylic on Cardboard!

I Have These Recent Small Paintings

August 10, 2007

These are all acrylic on cardboard and painted for Kevin Kooyman’s Panel Project.

I didn’t get these to him on time, but check out the rest of his Panel Project at this year’s Iowa State Fair.

Collective Unconscious in Action

August 4, 2007

Last night I had a very vivid dream about houses on fire. They were neighbors’ houses, and I was worried about my own family’s house burning down. The flames were spreading underneath the ground, and popped up in very small areas in the backyard. I was freaking out in this dream.

Interestingly enough, at about the same time I was dreaming, fires were going on in an area of Iowa City I lived in 3 or 4 years ago:
String of fires hit downtown Iowa City [link does not work]

This is probably not the first time I’ve experienced the collective unconscious in my dreams, but it is the most recent. Interesting stuff!

For more on the idea of the collective unconscious, see the Wikipedia article about the Collective Unconscious. It doesn’t really explain what I’m trying to get at in this post, but it’s a good start.

What I’m trying to get at is this:
Just because what you dream while sleeping becomes reality in some way does not mean you are a fortune-teller.

Small Old Paintings

August 3, 2007

These two small paintings (acrylic on paper) have hung on my walls for the past 5 years or so:


Skull in a Suit