Paintings at Luscious Nectar, Fort Collins

July 7, 2013

Checkemitout I’ve got paintings showing at the Luscious Nectar smoothie bar up in Fort Collins, Colorado during July 2013.

I was not able to attend the opening, but there appears to have been some breakin’ dancin’.

I will be live painting July 19 at this location.

I think both these photos were taken by the promoter and DJ, Chris Whitman.

Big 'ol Wall Spin on yer Head


Alright, the live-painting is done as of July 19, 2013. Here are three photos. First two are from Luscious Nectar and Chris Whitman, and the last is my photo.

Michael Herring Live Painting - Stage 1 Michael Herring Live Painting - Stage 2 Michael Herring Live Painting - Stage 3

Another Update

Got a good close up of my painting with proper light and alla that, courtesy Chris Whitman.
See it:

It's a close-up.