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Recursive Screenshot

July 26, 2017

I took a screenshot back in 2002 and have been adding to it sporadically and recursively since then.

Recursive Screenshot part 01 - 2002-12-14


Recursive Screenshot part 02 - (date uncertain)

date uncertain

Recursive Screenshot part 03 - 2016-05-30


Recursive Screenshot part 04 - 2017-07-26


Recursive Screenshot part 05 - 2021-04-23



January 8, 2011

Now that I’m working with WordPress full-time at my new jorb, I’ve finally figured out how to fix my own blog’s login issues. Hopefully.

I Voted

October 30, 2008

I voted this morning.

  • It was good
  • I got a sticker

Adding Olde Entries

January 22, 2008

An FYI for feed subscribers (Matt):

Okay, I’ve finally decided to put old entries from my previous blogs up-into here. For posterity and completeness. So in the next few hours or days, there will be some ‘new’ entries that are actually very old.

My New Bowling Ball

January 9, 2008

I’m still trying to break 150 (update: I rolled a 179!), but thanks to my youngest sister I’ve got a wicked ball!

Sloppy Cleanup

October 22, 2006

I’ve noticed on some monitors (probably most) the backgrounds of these drawings are much more gray with sloppy eraser marks all over the place. This is a known issue, and I hope to clean it up sometime soon.

Everything looks fine on my monitor, of course. Just another frustration of publishing on the web…

Mission Statement!

September 25, 2006

Alright. I’m starting this blog-style portfolio so I can easily publish drawings/paintings/artworks soon after they are made. I’m using a very old version of the Movable Type blog software for this until I get my act together (which may be never).

I will not post any old work. You can go to my professional site to see that stuff.

This will be recent work on a weekly or semi-weekly basis, hopefully. Sometimes there may even be daily posts! Holy Shit!

Former Kansas City Art Institute classmate Peter Bernal once said:
“A man is only as good as his latest piece.” (Circa 2000)

Judge me by my latest post. All past work contributes to the success or failure of the latest work!


August 31, 2001

There has been a spider in my bathroom for about 3 weeks now. He has eaten 3 insects so far.

My new job (from my internship) let me out early today because it’s labor day weekend. Such a surprise is so far unprecedented in my work-a-life. I believe highly in the get-out-of-work-early style of surprise and hope it continues.


August 12, 2001

My girlfriend is into the James Bond movies. I have never really seen one until tonight. We saw Octopussy and I believe there were some good scenes in it. Not being an action film fan, I would recommend this film for its general hilarity.

A quote from the lady: “My father gave me the nickname Octopussy.”


Benefits of Freelance Work

August 9, 2001

Tonite I am re-living the lazy college days of art school. Two forties of the Olde E and some Beastie Boys, who are no longer annoying after a one year neglect. And I am working on a freelance project.

This freelance project is nice because it doesn’t require me to get up every morning like my internship does. And it doesn’t make me sign “Sorry your dad died” and “Happy Birthday!” cards in the same goddammed day like my internship does.

But my internship is maybe maybe going to turn into an entry-level web design/programming position that will pay for some programming classes and pay a salary, so it’s best not to bitch about it for now.

And the JESUS.


August 7, 2001

I don’t think I’ve had one interesting thought for at least a week now. I must be getting used to working full time.

Or perhaps I’m reading too much Bukowski.


June 30, 2001

Today I have learned more than usual about web design. Next goal is creating liquid pages. Then my sites won’t be so damn small-looking on the large monitors.

Over the past year I have been turning more and more towards web design than illustration. It started out with switching to the Design program from the Illustration program one semester before graduation. I feared the freelance life. So I got into print design, and then into web design in hopes of landing a full-time gig. It’s been a while, but I’m still learning. Still learning how to interview with enthusiasm. Still learning how to prepare for working on a team. Still learning how to communicate with others who seem to know more about it than I do. I am teaching myself, with help from online tutorials and I am getting better at it steadily. And doing less illustration.

I am not making much money doing web work OR illustration, so it doesn’t matter yet. But it will soon.