Category: Painting

Single Man Paintings

August 26, 2007

These are more Panel Project paintings for Kevin Kooyman. Acrylic on Cardboard!

I Have These Recent Small Paintings

August 10, 2007

These are all acrylic on cardboard and painted for Kevin Kooyman’s Panel Project.

I didn’t get these to him on time, but check out the rest of his Panel Project at this year’s Iowa State Fair.

Small Old Paintings

August 3, 2007

These two small paintings (acrylic on paper) have hung on my walls for the past 5 years or so:


Skull in a Suit

My Mars Cafe Show

July 31, 2007

Here are images of my June Mars Cafe show in Des Moines, Iowa.

Painting Update

November 14, 2006

Here are some mostly-completed paintings.

There are some cat paws on the lower right. They belong to Oscar the cat.