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I’m Ready to Love it Just a Little More Baby

March 11, 2012

Everybody knows “I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby” is close to the funkiest loop of all time of all time.
And damnit, I’ve never even heard the dope Freddie Foxxx* track that samples the groooooooove** til today.

Barry White – I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby

(Looks like this is the radio cut on account of the 3:51 track time and the abrupt ending)

Freddie Foxxx – I’m Ready

* You rappers can’t be like Fred.

** …oooooove

Rock The Bubble Gum

March 10, 2012

Hey, The Groove Thief: When will somebody create a mashup of these two tracks?

9th Creation – Bubble Gum

LL Cool J – Rock The Bells

Funky Loops

March 9, 2012

Cripes. These are some really funky loops. This new category is inspired by The Groove Thief and FUNK in general.

People Under the Stairs – DQMOT

Beatnuts ft Greg Nice – yo yo yo

Stephen Gammell Art

February 1, 2012

Holy crap, I think I just finally discovered that artwork that really freaked me out back in grade school. By Stephen Gammell:

Recently, I’ve been content to just think that artwork was from Michael Whelan, on account of this piece:


Which was, of course, the cover art for a classic Obituary album:


Segway Action

August 17, 2008

The adoption of the Segway has been quite interesting. From what I’ve seen so far, the Segway is used exclusively by nerds and police/security people. This is an interesting disadvantage (or distinct advantage, depending on your mindset) to quite an innovative product.

But, of course, there are always people who can modify anything to absolute greatness:

Truck Shoppin’

July 14, 2008

I’m in the market for a new truck. Mostly because trucks are awesome. I’m currently trying to decide between these three trucks; each more awesome than the last:

  • Ford F650
  • XUV
  • International CXT

Perhaps I’ll just get all three…

Waterboarding is Torture

November 5, 2007

I’ve been hearing a lot about waterboarding as a possible method of torture, but I’ve never really been clear as to what waterboarding really entails. After reading a bit of, I can say that it certainly looks like torture to me.

New York DOT Unveils Sidewalk Compass Markings

October 20, 2007

These sidewalk compass markings are an excellent idea. No matter how much I think I know where I’m going when in New York, walking out of a subway station and back up to land level has always been very disorienting for me. Especially after the twin towers disappeared.

I don’t know how much time I’ve wasted by walking the wrong way trying to find a street sign in an unfamiliar Manhattan area. I’m definitely looking forward to this street feature for the next time I’m in NY.

Fun Stuff

October 1, 2006

Have some fun without enduring the usual frustration and possessing all the mandatory diligence of a professional comic artist:

Stapler Usability Concerns

July 26, 2006

An extreme case of mis- or non-applied usability practices:
A staple gun fired from the wrong end!

I don’t work in physical product manufacturing or packaging, but I’m thinking the manufacturer could have prevented this. The user didn’t read the instructions (seems quite common), but the design of the staple gun could have reinforced the correct usage through shape, colors, or warning labels.

Strange Public Sculptures

July 1, 2006

Considering the ridiculous amount of hard work it takes to create any type of semi-permanent sculpture, I’m happy to see these examples that are strange, whimsical, and not restrained by societal censorship:
Strange Public Sculptures