Thinking about Moving to San Francisco

January 11, 2003

I’m thinking about moving to San Francisco. I figure it will be a good New York substitute without it being New York. I want to go back to a big city with a good public transportation system. Also, I’ve wanted to live in a place with palm trees for a long time, and I’d like to live in a similar area as all-time artists Richard Diebenkorn and Wayne Thiebaud. I think they both lived somewhere in California, if not actually San Francisco. Also, I’m interested in suddenly accidentally becoming gay.

I have a plan, but no plan B or plan C. Once step 1 in plan A is complete and I have a plan B and C, I may actually be on my way to San Francisco!

Plan A

  1. Save $3,000
    secure a $30,000/yr web design job in the Bay Area
  2. Rent a truck and drive myself and my computer to San Francisco
  3. Put computer and stuff in storage
  4. Get a room at the YMCA
  5. Find shared housing
  6. Find crap job if I don’t have web job
  7. Try to scrape up enough rent money to stay (repeat monthly)

And I’ll see how far that plan goes. Plan B and C should cover some of the worst case scenarios, like running out of money too damn soon or not being able to find any housing or work anywhere.