Art, Music, and Work

January 5, 2003

I was just reading some journal entries from people on the livejournal, and it inspired me to write another entry. Usually, I think of good things to write whenever my computer is off. Then I forget about them.

So here’s today’s entry of importance:

I’m trying to get some of my paintings back from a local tax business/art gallery here in Iowa City, and I have found that is difficult to do when operating on this damned night-work sleeping schedule, which I will hopefully not be talking about much longer. I overslept about a half hour on my day off and missed the (kind of) appointment I had with the owner dude, so I will see him on a weekday, I imagine.

Furthermore, my good friend from the Kansas City Art Institute sent me a good CD of mp3s for Christmas, and I would be listening to those. Iron Maiden, Kraftwerk, David Bowie, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, and Grob are always good for a quality listen.

The other day I was having trouble falling asleep, so I thought of all the shitty short-term manual labor jobs I’ve had in the past and present. It was a good technique to get me tired, and I do recommend it.


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