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Some Gift Paintings

March 21, 2013

Here’s part 01

Part 02

Part 03

Part 04

Part 05 at Yer Service

Part 06 – Put Some Green On It

Part 07 – Gettin’ Colorful

Part 08 – Deciding Which Way is Up

Part 09 – Signed the Backs So I Can Remember Which Side Is Up

Part 10 – Isolation Layer Before The Rye Layer (with a little bit of texture and OOMPH)

Part 11 – The Templetoning

Part 12 – The Final Varnishing This Time It’s WAR


And Some More Encaustic Paintings in Progress

November 27, 2012

Here are some more encaustic paintings and iterations. Four on wood arranged annoyingly and one on plexiglass.

I’m still working on all these. This is a weird medium and I need more practice with the flame-thrower.

This Jake Sutton Character

November 25, 2012

I received a certain motivation to start this excellent portrait of Jake Sutton.

Please note: The Sutton family are distinguished patrons, so they get bonus artwork.

I’m gonna need to work a bit on the FACE.

Gonna do a slight pink adjustment and after that: Fuck it, I’m varnishing these and they’re done.


These are very much varnished and done.

More Encaustic Paintings in Progress

November 20, 2012

Here are some more encaustic paintings and iterations. Two on wood, one on plexiglass.

I’ll probably be working on these for at least a few more class sessions. This is a weird medium.

Some of these are looking like a fine cheese and tomato sauce so far. All delicious.

Jalapeño Slices and Sushi Rolls

October 14, 2012

It’s important to have a circular pattern in the background of your painting.

A circular pattern which resembles the roundness of purple jalapeño slices, goddamn olive slices, and perhaps some sushi rolls.

Bordo Bello 2012 Paintings

August 26, 2012

I just started with these, so hopefully I can get ’em done by Sept 6. I will say that after about 10yrs of neglection, I finally understand the importance of gesso.

Yeah, I’m gonna have to be done now. Gotta drop these off tomorrow.

Mixed Too Much Yellow

February 11, 2012

Last weekend I mixed way way way too much yellow, so I’m using it tonight before busting out the reds and blues and so forth.

Panel Project

February 5, 2012

Three panels in progress for Kevin Kooyman’s Panel Project in Iowa.

Heart Art 2012 Painting

February 5, 2012

Built this one up on top of an old painting that recently fell out of my favor. I’ve put three layers onto it so far, and I believe it is due tomorrow (Monday), so it should be done tonight.

  1. Step 1

  2. Step 2

    (Let’s not talk about Step 2)

  3. Step 3

  4. Step 4

Acrylic on stretched canvas, .75 inches deep. 11 inches wide and 12 inches tall. Ready to hang.

This painting will be available via silent auction at Heart Art Denver this Thursday.

Update: Got word from a coworker that the painting was auctioned for $75. And that’s cool.

Circley Paintings

January 8, 2012

Just throwin’ some circles into the backgrounds of some paintings.

All These Locations

June 18, 2011

As I may or may not have mentioned before, it looks like I post more paintings in progress to than in the here. And that’s cool.