Category: Painting

The Large Lord God

October 12, 2022

This is an acrylic/ink situation atop a gessoed piece of printmaking paper completed sometime between 1998-2001.

Blue painting of three heads at bottom and a hovering godlike character above on a light blue background.

I Built This City for Justin Brancato

February 23, 2014

A certain Justin Brancato character suggested:
For your next show you should install the paintings as if the sides were the FACE of the canvas. You have my blessing.

So I built this city of paintings in progress for the benefit of one Justin Brancato.

New Panels for Kevin

February 8, 2014

These portraits of weird-looking white males are for Kevin Kooyman’s Panel Project in Iowa.

April Show at Ozo Coffee, Arapahoe Location

April 1, 2013

I’ve got a show up at Ozo Coffee’s Arapahoe Location ( til the end of April.

Some photos

Ooh, a quick flyer:
Ozo show flyer

Some Gift Paintings

March 21, 2013

Here’s part 01

Part 02

Part 03

Part 04

Part 05 at Yer Service

Part 06 – Put Some Green On It

Part 07 – Gettin’ Colorful

Part 08 – Deciding Which Way is Up

Part 09 – Signed the Backs So I Can Remember Which Side Is Up

Part 10 – Isolation Layer Before The Rye Layer (with a little bit of texture and OOMPH)

Part 11 – The Templetoning

Part 12 – The Final Varnishing This Time It’s WAR


Some Old Acrylic Paintings got Varnished

March 8, 2013

And Some More Encaustic Paintings in Progress

November 27, 2012

Here are some more encaustic paintings and iterations. Four on wood arranged annoyingly and one on plexiglass.

I’m still working on all these. This is a weird medium and I need more practice with the flame-thrower.