Bad Balance issue 8 is now available for download or purchase, y’all.

Bad Balance Magazine

Bad Balance: A magazine of interest.

These comix were first drawn by Michael Herring and then written by Jim Campbell and Dave Stevenson of Ottomen fame.

collaborative comic 1 [image]: [hot-air balloon in the sky] Now keep leaning that way! - [hot-air balloon falling] Oh! No! - [hot-air balloon on the ground] Well if that don't beat all

collaborative comic 2 [image]: [Dude] I sell pet snakes and mice - [Same dude with bag] For 50 cents you get a twelve-pack. - [Girl and Dude] Girl: Of snakes or mice? Dude: Uh...

collaborative comic 3 [image]: [Dude in a tree] Hey. What are you doing up there? - [Dude on a high porch] If you keep hanging like that, you'll turn into a cloud, man. - [Dude becomes a cloud] See, what'd I tell ya, stupid beeatch!