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The Get Up Kids
A concert review by Jim Campbell

Get Up Kids

Well, it was a while ago. My freshman year in college at KCAI. That was,um...1995 or the spring of 1996. Well anyway, Dave Stevenson and I were drivin' around and we drove past the Groove Farm in Westport and since there was a band playing we stopped. Then I forgot my jacket and it was cold so I went and got my jacket. That's my Taang! jacket. You know—I've been wearing that thing since my senior year in High School. Before that, I just wore a jean jacket. Well, I did have this stupid trenchcoat for a while, but it was ugly so I quit wearing it. I had a letter jacket in middle school. Back then it seemed cool—not that I was a jock or nothin—really, I couldn't stand sports. But it was still a neat jacket.

So we went in and saw the Get Up Kids play. I thought, boy this Kansas City sound sucks. It's boring as hell. Everyone stands swaying back and forth with their arms crossed and the vocals are turned way down so you can't hear anything. But they had a cool drummer. His name was Nathan. He could play some good riffs. But he got kicked out of the band cause he wanted to stay in school and not tour Europe. So I'm not going to buy the new Get Up Kids Album.