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A Short Commentary From the Illustration Bathroom
Delta Chi Strikes Again!
(The corrected spelling version, mind you)

UMKC students at a party

A Real School, A Real College

I don't go to school here, but on my way home after school sometimes I come in here to take a shit and every time just like last year, there is always some goofy shit on the walls. By goofy dumb ass retarded dorks whose moms couldn't afford a real college. So they sent you here HA HA HA. You fuckhead losers crack me up. You remind me of high school kids. Maybe when you get out of here you'll make a great tattoo artist. Better yet, how about a freelance artist? You probably don't even know what that is.

KCAI SUCKS (loser school for the mentally challenged)

C—Average students who are not good at art.

D—Anything except PE class.

Well, I'm finished taking my shit, so bye. Oh, my name is Jason. J-A-S-O-N. I should have shitted on the floor. It would have just filled in with all the shitty crap in this building you call ART. None of you can draw a dick to save your loser poor asses. Bye now, but I'll be back.