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By Michael Herring

Portable urinal for men and women

"My life has been at least a few tons easier since I bought the portable urinal. You see, I no longer use public restrooms because of a few too many 'Hello, how are you and do you care to listen to my ass explode for upwards of fifteen minutes' scenarios, and about a year ago I found out that urinating in public is damn illegal. It's also slightly embarrassing when you piss on a bystander or two. So after I got out jail, I purchased a portable urinal for men and women for only $5.98. That was before they lowered the price to $4.85, the lousy cheapskates. But it has really helped because now I can piss in the middle of a crowded room or sidewalk without any problems. The only complaint I have with it is the limited 28 oz. capacity. I wish it was a little bigger or had a few optional auxiliary tanks or something, because when I piss, I PISS. And when I piss, I use the portable urinal for men and women. Thank you and order now now now!"—Dr. Newman Peterbaugh of Spokane, WA.