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On the Subject of the Deep and Emotional
By Vladimir Zimakov

Problems with KC Music Clubs

Yep, I am going to talk about our Kansas City music scene again, and I am so pissed off that you don't even know. It turns out that the scene just sucks, not only because there are not enough music clubs, but also because the clubs that still function are lame-assed. Now, I am going to tell you a little story about a show that I went to see the other night.

I do believe that it was a Saturday night and a couple of people including my own self went to Lawrence to see the Drovers at the Bottleneck. I personally enjoyed the band a lot for the following reasons:

  1. the mandolin player was fine
  2. the music was phat to the core
  3. I got away with smuggling in a camera
  4. the mandolin player was fine
The fine mandolin player

What I didn't enjoy, though, was the fact that two of my friends (let's call the Huge J and C) got kicked out. Yeah, that's right KICKED OUT. Apparently, when I was running around the stage and taking pictures of the mandolin player (fig. 1), the security guard (or whatever you call them) (fig. 2) spotted huge J and C taking a sip of beer. ONE SIP, DAMMIT. Now, if a person of 20 years of age can't take ONE SIP of beer without being followed and kicked out by the MAN, there is something terribly wrong with the world today.

Sure the MAN was doing his job, but weren't the music clubs established for people to have a good time? Good time, however is what's bringing the clubs down. Let's not forget the Daily Grind, that got closed because one night people were having a GOOD TIME. Of course we got to take into account the fact that the number of people was huge, but then, music shows ARE supposed to bring a huge number of people sharing the same musical tastes together.

Beware that man!

I am pretty sure that it the things will keep going the way they are going, the music shows will become hilariously pathetic. You'll be getting 3 or so people at the shows, sittin' all bored and sipping their waters or something. Well, at least the MAN will be happy.

Keep all that in mind and next time you go to see your favorite musical group at your local music club, get pissed and START YOUR PERSONAL REVOLUTION against the establishment.