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Heart Art 2011 Painting

January 15, 2011

Bustin’ out the paint this weekend after a lengthy hiatus. Here’s another post about a painting in progress. This time it’s for the AIGA Heart Art Auction 2011.

  1. Part 1: The Underpainting

  2. Part 2: The Expensive Reddening

  3. Part 3: The Always Weird Iteration 3

  4. Part 4: The Wreckening

  5. Part 5: Goddamn Background Color

  6. Part 6: Some Outlining

  7. Part 7: Goddamnit The Paint Was Too Damn Watery

  8. Part 8: Ooh, Here’s Where I Try to Inject an Olde-Style Banner into the Situation

  9. Part 9: Added Some Higher-Contrast Color for Maximum Excellence

  10. Part 10: NOW We’re Talkin’, Etc.


  12. Part 12: Whoops

    Good God. I de-oranged the orange.

  13. Part 13: Additional Layer of Nonsense

  14. Part 14: Getting Closer

  15. Part 15: Trying Not To Ruin It, Part 1

  16. Part 16: Fixed the Background—Trying Not To Ruin It, Part 2

Moving Next Door

January 9, 2011

It’s a long story, but this month I’ll be moving to the next door apartment. This is weird and also convenient. So now I’ve got six months of rental time to find a permanent condo or something, hopefully.

Things noticed so far during the move

  • Too many goddamned paintings

  • The paint-catcher canvas what saved me from many rental fees and fines

Two Recent Exhibition Photos

March 11, 2010

Here are two fairly recent exhibition photos:

  • Open Wall at The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

    January 22, 2010

    Open Wall Painting

  • Bordo Bello Skateboard Art Fundraiser

    December 11, 2009

    Bordo Bello Skateboards

Watch Yourself

February 27, 2010

A collection of small acrylic paintings I’ve been working on lately.

  • Update Feb 06, 2012 – Here’s what it looks like in your goddamn dining room:

Small Face Paintings

August 15, 2009

Two of five paintings, as my scanner seems to have crapped out during scanning.

Abstract Painting Tutorial

May 20, 2009
  1. Start out with a pretty sweet base painting
  2. Fill in the edges
  3. Repeat
  4. Now that’s a fine looking painting you’ve got there

Small and Huge Abstract Paintings

May 15, 2009

And here are some done-and-DONE abstract acrylic paintings getting ready for a tentative show in Denver this March, 2010.
Brandon Harper Photo, I may need you again soon!

How to Ruin Eleven Paintings

April 5, 2009

Simply get carried away and add too much white and blue at once! Oh well, it’s all part of the painting process.

Next step: Resurrection. And then another ruining likely. And so on and so on…

Some Abstracts in Progress

March 29, 2009

Here are some abstract paintings that have been in progress for a while.

The one on the right is looking pretty sweet. The one on the left is still battling against a bit of ‘teh mehz’.

Huge Triptych in Progress – Part 6 or 7, I Guess

March 26, 2009

Added some additional differences between the middle and outer pieces. Added a weird blue deletion of the central head, ala the artwork for Iron Maiden’s “Can I Play with Madness”.

The situation becomes more complicated.