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Huge Triptych in Progress – Part 6 or 7, I Guess

March 26, 2009

Added some additional differences between the middle and outer pieces. Added a weird blue deletion of the central head, ala the artwork for Iron Maiden’s “Can I Play with Madness”.

The situation becomes more complicated.

Seer – Acrylic Painting Zoom Test

February 28, 2009

Testing out a potentially sweet jQuery plugin for detail views of my paintings/drawings. If all goes well, I hope to implement something like this when I change the design and focus of my website toward art instead of web development. Move your mouse around over the image to try it out.

Seer - Acrylic on Canvas - 30" x 40"

More Abstract Progress

January 24, 2009

My two abstract paintings are still progressing. Pay more attention to the one on the left, as the right one is still a bit weird. I’m thinking they’ll be done soon…

Abstract Progress

January 18, 2009

My abstract paintings are progressing mightily. My photography skills are not.

These Are Done

January 2, 2009

Okay, I’m going to finally declare these six paintings done and done:

They’ll most likely be in my upcoming painting show, at $800 each.

Almost-Done Paintings

December 28, 2008

I may be showing these in my January show at Urban Pearl in Boulder.