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KCAI Cool Convo

A while ago, some of us experienced an interesting phenomenon entitled the KCAI "cool convo." Because this was kind of a strange event and the first "cool convo" for the school, it was not without its controversies and naysays. Some believed it was an sorry attempt at forcing a sense of community at this shitty school. Some wondered why it was at a church instead of a more neutral large location. Like Barnes & Noble, for example. Others enjoyed the free burgers. Meanwhile, we at Bad Balance Publishing Industries and Incorporated considered asking for quotes about this convo, but instead we just made them up. Feel free to contact us if your quote does not appear. We will say, "better luck next time." PROCEED—

  • "I have recieved in excess of 4 or 5 postcards for this event. I feel as if I have already experienced it in its full glorious entirety."

  • "A finer death March I have never experienced."

  • "If I had a fishing pole here with me, these speeches would become much more interesting you can be damn sure."

  • "I was worried for a while about if this was the right school for me until I saw that gigantor inflated Godzilla."

  • "When I am old & I wear a suit, I hope to participate in the prestigious Board of Directors."

  • "I am having an inflatable time here at the cool convo."

  • "I was disappointed at the absence of ice cubes at this event. A more serious design flaw could not have possibly happened, in my opinion."

  • "I was on my way to the church, but I didn't make it because I was warned by a crowd of evacuating students to 'turn around turn around for the love of humanity turn the fuck around!'"

  • "It would have been killer with a bonfire."
Cool Convo