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In The "Interview With One Of Our Friends" Department:
An Interview with Ben Lee (the cartoonist, not the musician)

Ben Lee gets interviewed

Ben Lee, local comic book artist, takes a moment after releasing his latest mini comic Lost in the Midwest to chat with us about Jesse Day's movie record, Blockbuster Video Incorporated, and Kansas City Love.

Ben Lee, is it true you recently broke Jesse Day's weekend movie-watching record by watching 20 movies this weekend?
Yes, I did.

Exactly how did that happen?
I have no life.

Are movies your life?
Blockbuster is my life.

Do you work at Blockbuster Video?
Too much.

How does that affect the local economy?
It doesn't.

How does it affect your life?
I can't live without Blockbuster.

You've been sighted trying to get an employee discount at Suncoast Video. Is that correct?
Yes it is.

Did it work?
No, it didn't.

Even though you are an employee of Blockbuster Video, their direct competitor.
It was worth a shot.

Worth a shit?
No, a shot. I'll shoot you.

Alright, here comes a question: Titanic: Ay or Nay?

Ay? Okay, Claire Danes: Ay or Nay?

Fuck you. Dietmar Winkler: Ay or Nay?

Bob Larson—wait, what's that guy's name—Lance Larson? Lance Carlson: Ay or Nay?
I don't know enough about the man.

Jack Lew: Ay or Nay?

Okay, let's talk a little bit about love. Girls at KCAI: Ay or Nay?

Nay? Ay! What are you talking about?

Well, let me put it this way: If Claire Danes were to go to this school, um...Ay or Nay. Alright, if we made a T-shirt that said "Fuck Ben Lee" would you wear it?
Yes, I would.

Every day?
It would get a little smelly after a while.

What if you washed it every day?
Yes, I would.

Okay, if you had a woman and you loved her, would you make a shirt that said "I love (state her name)" every day?
That's so cheesy. Maybe on Valentine's day.

But if you did wear it every day, when she broke up with you, would you then change the "love" part to "hate" and then wear it every day?
You know, if I was in Maryland, I would not, but since Kansas City has made me a bitter person, I probably would.

KCAI or the city?
The city.

Is it a bad city?
From what I've experienced, it is.

That is the end of the interview. We forgot to ask why Kansas City is evil, but if Ben Lee doesn't like it, that's reason enough for most people. Be sure to read Lost in the Midwest by Ben if you ever see it floating around anywhere.

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